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  • Presa de la Mula

    Presa de la Mula

    En ciertas temporadas del año, el desierto da la bienvenida a la única cosa que puede transformarlo de la noche a la mañana. During some parts of the year, the desert welcomes the only thing that can transform it from one day to the next. El lugar que hoy llamamos “Presa de la Mula” fue…

  • EPC – Huasteca

    EPC – Huasteca

    Fixed Route from EPC to Parque La Huasteca If you made it to EPC you might as well take a day to do a round trip to La Huasteca, we can arrange an itinerary with early pick-up, mid-day lunch and late afternoon return trip to Potrero. Parque La Huasteca is a HUGE climbing area full…

  • Puerto del Indio

    Puerto del Indio

    In this part of México when we say “puerto” referring to a place in the mountains it translates to a Mountain Pass. Puerto del Indio is a place between the towns of Icamole, Nuevo León and Paredón Coahuila. To the average visitor it looks like a beautiful desolate part of the desert. Upon closer inspection…

  • Nido de los Aguiluchos

    Nido de los Aguiluchos

    Nido de los Aguiluchos or Cerro de la Ventana is a gigantic hole which goes through one of the majestic rock faces at Parque La Huasteca. Technically speaking this “hole” is a sink-hole that was formed on flat ground millions of years ago. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere mixed with rainwater forms carbonic acid which…

  • Pozo del Gavilan

    Pozo del Gavilan

    Pozo del Gavilan is an espectacular cave (sink-hole) located near Galeana. Vertically walled pit of 200 feet in diameter and a drop of 325 feet into a deep blue water lake. This is another of one of those tours offered by Adventure Tourism operators. The main attraction is to rappel down into the sink-hole and…

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