EPC – Huasteca

Fixed Route from EPC to Parque La Huasteca

If you made it to EPC you might as well take a day to do a round trip to La Huasteca, we can arrange an itinerary with early pick-up, mid-day lunch and late afternoon return trip to Potrero.

Parque La Huasteca is a HUGE climbing area full of crags and hundreds of routes to pick from.

Rock Type: Limestone

Most common style: dancing on dead vertical slab

Same rock type as potrero but very different feel, the rock formations for the holds are what we call “regletas” (edges, tiny ledges). The side-pulls are usually 90 degree rotated regletas. As for moving from one crag to the other, distances are further apart from what you see in Potrero with a few exceptions. Climbers from Monterrey usually drive from one to the next, a bike can help you for some of the crags that can be reached using the main road.

Most visited crags:

  • La Extremita (Sweet Fun)
  • Zona Extrema (Fun)
  • Médicos (Super Fun, mostly winter climbing)

Hidden jewels:

  • Guitarritas
  • El Caracól

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