Presa de la Mula


Visit to archeological site “Presa de la Mula”. Appreciate some of the remnants of a lost civilization that continuously inhabited this area for 8,000 years prior to the arrival of European explorers and settlers. They are long gone, but we can honor them by learning as much as we can from what remains.

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Visit to archeological site.

The place we currently call “Presa de la Mula” was important during thousands of years prior to the arrival of europeans, tlaxcaltecas and mestizos from central México. In this area filled with petroglyphs, one stands out amongst them.

A big monolith shows 207 lines inside a grid of 24 cells. Citing the anthropologist William Breen Murray; “the count in the rock is in relation to the gestation period, but it also takes into account the possibility of an eclipse during the mating season and considering this could affect the newborn deer”.

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